How We Help

Paths to Financial and Emotional Independence

The Women’s Network offers multiple programs to help prepare you for success. By providing advocacy, emotional support and mentoring, you’ll start to regain confidence and economic stability as soon as your first day with us. 

Transitional Work Program

Our program is designed to support women who are survivors of domestic violence, who are out of crisis and transitioning into new patterns and opportunities. When hired, the women will enter the role of production assistant and work on projects with our manufacturing partners. The five-seven month, 28-hour work week program offers part-time employment, case management, therapy and counseling, credit counseling, enrichment and education, and emotional support. After graduating, they will enter an entry-level career building job.  

Dress for Success at The Women’s Network offers practical real-life assistance for those re-entering or already in the workforce. Women can visit the Dress for Success boutique for guided fittings, resources for professional resume assistance, and other workplace support. 

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