How You Can Help

Please feel free to reach out and find what opportunity fits you best. Contact us by filling out the form below or call us at (316) 262-3960.

Volunteer opportunities but are not limited to...

  • Leading classes or informal discussions for program participants on topics such as financial responsibility, self-sufficiency, basic household and auto maintenance.  
  • Hosting occasional in-house networking lunches for participants to help build communication and social skills. 
  • Leading collection drives for toiletry items or gift cards to resupply the program participants’ basic needs closet and incentive room.  
  • Sponsoring in-house graduation receptions for graduating participants by providing refreshments and/or modest graduation gifts.  
  • Providing as-needed moving assistance for participants transitioning from shelters to apartments of their own by delivering donated furnishings (beds, sofas, dressers, etc.) 
  • Stylist for one-on-one Dress for Success suitings and assisting boutique needs.

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