The Transitional Employment Program

Once accepted into the Transitional Employment Program, you’ll encounter a supportive environment as soon as your first day. We provide advocacy, emotional support, mentoring and teaching that will help you regain confidence and economic stability. 

Our program will teach you job readiness and provide income and educational opportunities. More importantly, you’ll benefit from the physical, emotional and spiritual tools that you’ll learn so that true healing can take place. 

What to Expect:

As you progress at your own pace through the program, typically around a year but no more than two years- you’ll find a non-judgmental and accepting environment with a case worker who will ensure your participation meets your unique needs. 

Throughout the program, you’ll learn new skills, meet new people and gain confidence in your abilities. You will meet with a case manger and project coordinator to begin the process of familiarizing yourself within the workplace,  completing employment assessments and meeting co-participants, The Network staff and volunteers. 

You’ll soon combine the work you’ve been doing in the program with community internships. We take great care to choose internship partners that meet your specific needs and abilities. An employment mentor will help you develop job appropriate skills, offer encouragement and support while also receiving on the job training to build relevant experience. Once ready, you’ll be focused on finding paid full-time employment.

Let’s get you started today. 

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