The Transitional Employment Program

Our program is designed to support women who are survivors of domestic violence, who are out of crisis and transitioning into new patterns and opportunities. The six-month, 20-hour work week program offers part-time wages, training in computer and soft-skills, participation in the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World program and connection to employers.  Additional resources will be provided by community partners to assist in healing from trauma, building healthy relationships, financial literacy and mentorship.

What to Expect:

During the program you will report to The Women’s Network Monday – Thursday at 9 am to 2:30 pm.  During this time you will be learning computer skills and soft skills commonly needed by employers.  You will also participate in the Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World program, which has been proven to provide transformational change in the lives of people who desire to escape generational poverty.  Employer speakers will share about a variety of industries, the skills needed and opportunities available to enter and thrive in their company.  At the end of the four-month training time, you will be placed in a two-month paid internship to practice your new skills.

Upon completion of the full six-month program, you will participate in a hiring event, with the intention of becoming employed full time with health benefits for your family.

Let’s get you started today. 

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